Simple Radio - Live AM & FM App Reviews

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Fantastic tool

It works perfectly, we can easily access worldwide news. Congratulations, you did a good job.

Not working, stops often

Too many breaks, need to find a better radio app!


Super APP

My Roku R1000 quit and your app is the closest thing to it! Just radio stations all over the world! Thankyou ThankyouThankyou So easy to use!

Rockin App!

Living in the country reception on my radio isnt the best but this app brings my local radio stations in crystal clear. I highly recommend it.

Sick app

Love the app and everything it brings but you should bring back hot 97 and you should add the breakfast club real talk

Its ok but not impressed

Not enough variety for EDM music 4 of the 7 available stations playing the exact same songs at the exact same time. Other stations not available for my country....thats lame it the internet I should me able to hear what every I want. Im in a first world country btw.

Simple Radio

Jaime beaucoup

Love this APP!

Well worth paying for to get rid of ads and access to more stations. I have this app on my iPad and now iPhone. You will not regret paying for this one. I Use it when travelling for homes in Canada and USA


Great App! Keeps me in touch with my local news when Im traveling!


I get my desired station about 50%of the time. The other 50% is the app loading the station forever. What a disappointment.


I really enjoy the amount of stations that are available!

If no connection issues would give 5 stars

Quality of music and amount of radio stations is great. Only complaint is the connection is ALWAYS cutting out even while there is a full strong wifi connection.


Look no further! Only one grumble - I upgraded, but only one of my 4 iPhones/iPads became ad free. An account so that all synced would be helpful. June 2016. I had one email in reply to my problem many months ago giving spurious advice. I have emailed again with no reply. If the management reads this please reply to my email. Derek Day

Stations keep dropping

I have a feeling the ads may be causing the station to drop. Otherwise a good app

I love it

Ive been trying to listen to the croatian radio stations for a while but havent been able to find a good online player; this app doesnt lag and the ads really dont affect the quality at all. I love that you are able to multitask on your phone, and dont have to stay in the app to listen. You guys are doing great! No complaints

Simple Radio is simply delightful

Access to many great stations in the genre I love (Baroque). Simple to learn and use. Highly recommended.

Great free app

The app runs great and allows me to pick up the stations that play the Baseball games and some other amazing channels. Dont hesitate to try this one out. It has ads but hardly noticeable for free. I cant see the sleep timer being worth paying for.


I downloaded the App from App Store and now I am enjoying all my favorite radio stations from around the world,coming in easily,loud and clear.and all of that,FREE of charge.Cant get any better than that. Thank you much for this wonderful app!

Great little app!

I had been looking for a radio app that is simple to use...intuitively, and this is it. I found everything I was looking for regardless of country, and dont have to search again because the stations are now in my favourites. I have an 87 year old dad who has an iPhone now and he loves it because its easy enough for him to use even though hes not of todays age. Good job!

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