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Great app. Much better than others Ive tried.

Finally found my HD2 station

After radio stations killed off smooth jazz, my favorite station moved to the internet, then eventually only HD2 radio. Fast forward five years, I discover this app and can now remain calm during rush hour again.

Great access

So great to be able to listen to music without the irritating interruptions of mindless commercials. Keep up the wonderful work.

Great App!!

Its perfect it doesnt glitch or anything

Great App

Broad spectrum...covers radio all over the world

Terrific music stations

I loved this app. It does so much of the songs that I usually listened to, pretty much all day long.

The real stuff

Enjoying tunes from my era. Thanks for keeping it all alive and real!

Great app!

This app is simple to use and does exactly what it says it will do. Keep it up.

Great little app!

I had been looking for a radio app that is simple to use...intuitively, and this is it. I found everything I was looking for regardless of country, and dont have to search again because the stations are now in my favourites. I have an 87 year old dad who has an iPhone now and he loves it because its easy enough for him to use even though hes not of todays age. Good job!


Good radio. Just needs more stations from my town lol

Outstanding ...

Using the heck out of this app. Thumbs up!

Radio Internet

Love it comes in clear like radio use to be thanks for making it

Too Obstructive Ads!

Since version 4.0.2 a full page of Ads will show after playing 2 stations, which it is too obstructive. Please refrain from it for the next versions. Otherwise I will look for an alternative. It is extremely annoying that users are unable to choose their favorite version, un regarded either un adware or paid version.

I love Simple Radio By Streema!

Update: while I love Simple Radio, I wish the app didnt stop and have to be restarted as many (3-4) times as I do on my 20 minute drive home at night! While just browsing in the App Store about about an ad on my local radio station...unfortunately it was only for Droid! Then I found this gem! If I find it not to a huge battery drain...Then I am in love with Simple Radio app!!!

Needs alarm clock function!

Love the app! Works great. Quick connections. Good search. Nice and handy sleep function. Just needs an alarm function so I can leave it on to wake me.

Great App

I live in Philly, & listen to stations here, but also listen to stations in other states & countries. LOVE IT!!!


I downloaded the App from App Store and now I am enjoying all my favorite radio stations from around the world,coming in easily,loud and clear.and all of that,FREE of charge.Cant get any better than that. Thank you much for this wonderful app!

Perfect App

This app does exactly what you expect it to do. You can listen to a plethora of radio stations anywhere and anytime, and best of all its free. My only little problem, which isnt even really a problem, is that I cant figure out how you see the name of the song playing, but thats probably me just being stupid. Overall great app, would recommend for anyone who likes to listen to music.

Lots of buffering

App worked great for several days and then started buffering a lot - whether on data or wifi. Very frustrating, especially when listening to talk/sports. You miss large chunks of conversation, or you hear the same segment over and over. Bummer.

Search option

I wish it had more flexible search options. When I know there is a station I want but cant get to it. Search by region, language, or type and so on. Plus, my favorite on PC version is too limited. iOS works fine. Jukebox will need more choices too unless I can customize it. Overall, I like it better than Tune in radio. It seems to support more music service sites. Less restriction and commercials.

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